Etsy Love: Modern Madness

I love picking up quirky items or our home.  Everything from a dish scrub brush shaped like a flower to a burnt orange tea kettle.  Heck, I covered my kitchen table with polka dot vinyl fabric.

On that note, I have been hunting on Etsy for a mug tree, I really didn’t have anything specific in mind, I just wanted to fill dead space next to the coffee pot (it will also prevent people from opening my over-stuffed cupboard).  I ran across Modern Madness today and fell in love.

Soon this will come to live with me:


I am also loving these:


ModernMadness2All images by Modern Madness

I also love Taylor is a Minnesotan!


Etsy Love: BayanHippo

So for some strange reason I didn’t realize that yesterday was Wednesday .  It has been a long week!  But anyhow . . . . .

I cam across this BayanHippo a few years ago when I was still new to Etsy and I fell in love with her bags.  Not only are they great quality, but they are super roomy, and using sturdy fabric in vibrant colors.  I have the messenger and it is still like new!


bayanhippo2bayanhippo3Images and lovely bags from BayanHippo

PS Great customer service…   the bags come from Turkey and you still get them fast….  lux fabrics ….  I could go on and on!

Etsy Love: Naturalist Collection

The hubby and I are in the process of fixing up our house to put on the market next summer.  New flooring, fresh coats of paint, a new roof, some curb appeal.

If have been on the look out for simple prints and paintings, something I love and that will help dress the house up when we finally have that For Sale sign in the yard.  Yes, I have spent too much time watching The Unsellables on HGTV.

I am falling in love with these vintage book-plate and prints!  I am going to snag a few for the living room.   Here are a couple of my favorites.  Check out the complete site here.  Which ones are your favorites?



NaturalistCollectionImages:  Naturalist Collection

Etsy Love: TinyTerrains

So yesterday it snowed.  7 inches worth of it.  Since I have been planning my small garden this year it was kind of let down.  So today I logged on a new fav of mine on Etsy, TinyTerrains.  I have a love affair with terrariums since we made them as a class project in elementary school.

Check out these beautiful terrariums, for a little of the woodlands in your home.


Tiny Terrains

TinyTerrainsAll images TinyTerrains

Etsy Love: Lovely and Gracious

I really didn’t get ‘into’ Etsy until I started planning my wedding.  I know everyone says this, but all that wedding stuff is expensive and being from a crafty, do-it-yourself kind of family, I searched for fun alternatives.

The invites were a big concern, I wanted them to be nice, but I also didn’t want to spend and arm and a leg.  They will hang on someone’s fridge for a while and then get tossed.  I also wanted to do something different for my invites, not the same embossed card-stock with tissue paper overlay that everyone does (don’t get me wrong those invites are beautiful, just not me).

You can search wedding invitation on Etsy and get overwhelmed but I found my perfect fit:  Lovely and Gracious.

Hilary is great, she added our wedding info, gave a few suggestions and then emailed PDF to print off at home. Here is how my turned out:



Wedding Invite

Very apporpirate for a outdoor country wedding right?  (Jesse and I got married in a field!)

Check out her blog here.  It is full of lovely photos and wedding inspirations.  She is also getting married herself soon and I wish her the best of luck!

Etsy Love: Hey YoYo

Last fall, I volunteered to make cupcakes for my niece’s, Hailey, birthday party.  I got very precise instructions from Hailey, they needed to be pink cupcakes, with pink frosting, and with pink sprinkles.  Hailey was turning 3 and knows exactly what she wants.

I found this Etsy store a couple of weeks ago and loving it.  Check out these fun things from the store:


Hey YoYo

Check out the full site here.  Not only did she work for Martha, she is a neighbor over in Wisconsin.

Images from Hey Yo Yo