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Although it is not completely finished the bones are there and I am moving on over

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A Call to Action

Garden Center Buying Tips

On Lunch breaks these days I am found, lurking around the garden centers in my area.  I am always on the look out for something new and beautiful.  Most people are looking around for the plants with the most flowers blooming.  There is really nothing wrong with that, I suppose.  But lets face it, plants are expensive.  So why not get a little more bang for your buck.

Do a quick scan of the leaves are they green? Do they have insect or sun damage?  If you removed the brown/damaged leaves would the plant be bare?  Buy a plants with uniformly green leaves, free of insect damage.

Is the plant well proportioned?  Or lopsided?  Unless you are going to take the time to even out the plant (which usually involves snapping half of it off), it will never look nice.

Pull the plant out of the pot, Do the roots look healthy?  Is the plant pot bound (ie Are the roots growing out of the bottom of the plant)?  Steer clear of root bound plants, they never grow well. 

Buy the plant with no flowers/buds.  This is the rule everyone throws out the window.  Before you plant at home, you should snip each of the flowers off.  That way the plant with concentrate on the roots and not those flowers.  It is just the begining of the season, there are plenty of time for flowers.

Another sad fact that I have found:  In the spring you can by plants everywhere.  Every hardware, home improvement, discount, grocery store is selling plants.  Unless you are at full-time garden center, much of the staff does not know  what it is talking about.  It is a sad fact, but true.  They are always helpful, but if you are looking for gardening advice, it may be best to go somewhere else.

Have a question, I can help.  I worked as a grower and landscaper for 5 years.  Email me at cassie@fadedfarm.com

Good Luck and Happy Shopping!

Pintrest and Dresses, Oh My!

It has been a crazy week around here:  extreme humidity, storms, and 4 am days at work.  Needless to say I have not been lurking around the web as much as I usually do, but I can not blame that on busyness.  I can blame it on . . . . . . .


I got invited this week and joined to see what the fuss is about.  I. Am. Loving. It.

This is defiantly worth checking out!

I am also looking for a cheaper summer dress (lots of wedding this summer).  Any suggestions on were to shop online?

Tara on Negativity

If you don’t know Tara, you should!  Check her out here and here

Etsy Love: Modern Madness

I love picking up quirky items or our home.  Everything from a dish scrub brush shaped like a flower to a burnt orange tea kettle.  Heck, I covered my kitchen table with polka dot vinyl fabric.

On that note, I have been hunting on Etsy for a mug tree, I really didn’t have anything specific in mind, I just wanted to fill dead space next to the coffee pot (it will also prevent people from opening my over-stuffed cupboard).  I ran across Modern Madness today and fell in love.

Soon this will come to live with me:


I am also loving these:


ModernMadness2All images by Modern Madness

I also love Taylor is a Minnesotan!

new (about) me

I am picking away at the new website.  I have fussing about my about page.  Here is a rough draft.  What do you think?

Welcome to fadedfarm!  My name is Cassie and it is great to see you.  I grew up, along with my two sisters, on the sunny fields and pastures of my parent’s farm.  Although life as a farm-girl was not always idyllic, we grew up strong, independent, and hardworking.

When my hubby, Jesse, and I were dating and started to have the serious ‘What do you want out of life?’ talks, we both wanted something similar to the way we grew up.   Where foods are home-grown, meals are home-made, the folks in town know your parents, and your neighbors . . . . Well, they may know more of your business than you would like.  (It is a small town thing, you get used to it after awhile).  We are taking the ‘getting back to your roots’ thing seriously.  Next summer we are going to put our house on the market and move back to my family’s farm.  I will be the 6th generation to live there.

So you can read about the home farm, check out my garden, and try out some of the families recipes (along with some of my own).  I will share some DIY projects, and when DIY is not an option, I will share crafters and artisans who can do-it-for-you.  I will share pictures and stories about my family and my attempts at sewing, crocheting, and knitting