Farming, Camera, Action!

I live in a world on contradictions.

I like to DIY, but I am lazy.

I like to travel, but I am a home-body.

I also like to eat local food, but I also enjoy a fast food burger more often than I would like to admit.  (This I am blaming on my childhood, when going to McDonald’s involved a 30 minute drive and good behavior on mine and my sister’s part all day.  It was a privilege not a right!)

I generally try to stay off the soap box and not tell people what to do, because I may do that wrong thing tomorrow (and it is really none of by business).

I read last week that Minnesota, along with Florida and Iowa, is working on legislation that would ban people from filming the conditions at factory farm in the state.

It is really all about information.

Sometimes all it takes is one photo and someone can become a vegan for life.  And sometimes people will look away and choose not to know.

I know where my meat comes from, and when I hear news about meat recalls and people getting sick from meat they bought for their families and do not have to worry about my family.

But everyone should choose for themselves.

Don’t let someone decide what you should eat or what you should know about your food.

What it comes down to is:

If you want to know where you food comes from:  find out

Generally any farm worth his salt will let you see the farm (with in reason, mind you!).  Most farmers are proud of what they are doing.


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