FadedFarm Friday Finds

Hello everyone and Happy Friday!  We are finally going to have a little sun and yard work beckons, not before enjoying some good company and cocktails.  (everyone wants to check out the new floor).

Here are some interesting things going on around the interweb this week:

Check out Jenna’s post on farm snobbery.  She is right:  it is not a hobby.

I came across this cool site this week:  One Dress Protest.  Here it is in her words, “One Dress Protest is me, Kristy Powell, wearing one dress for one year in order to protest the ideas and motivations behind how and why I wear my clothes. Over the year I aim to challenge the ways identity is constructed through clothing, what sustainability means for consumption, how our perception of others is so often based on external presentation, and what “fashion” ultimately means for me going forward.”

Check out the Meal Planning 101 post by Oh Buckets on Going Home to Roost.  I love making lists!  (Check out pics of Bonnie’s new CA home while you are over there, beautiful.)

I was super excited to get Megan’s Best of Crafting an MBA.  Two words:  Awesome and Inspiring

Check out the article over at Inc Mag Can Rob Kalin Scale Etsy?  And then head over to Scoutie Girl and check out her interview with Julie Boyles.


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