On a personal note . . . .

When I started blogging I really just wanted an outlet for writing, which was something I always enjoyed doing, but a teacher, whom I loved, told me that becoming a writer, and being able to live off what you make, is nearly impossible.  I was no James Patterson, Patricia Cornwell or Mary Higgins Clark right?

So I started blogging and after a couple of false starts I really started to enjoy it.  The art of writing everyday, sharing beautiful pictures and interesting people with others.  Putting yourself out there can be thrilling.

But this week I am tired.

On April 11th I started Tara Gentile’s Website Kick Start.  I have been working on creating the new and improved FadedFarm.  I have pretty much be freaking out about it and driving my husband crazy. Not being able to sleep because I am thinking about my header, or what fonts I should use, or feel crappy after looking at the other students sites.

I am getting off that, ‘She is so talented and I am just a slub’ train.  (Is slub a word? Well it is my word now!)

I am past most of the technical bits, as I messed around for 2 hours last night trying to get all the fonts, spacing, etc right.  And I realized I needed to set a goal, a cut of point, and here it is:

The new site will be launching June 5th!


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