Who needs a cat, when I can have worms?

Ever since I read Amy Stewart’s From the Ground Up (great book! I read it every year), I have wanted a worm composter.  I am not sure why, maybe it is the EWWWW factor, maybe because it is something that no one else does around here (and Lord only knows, I like to be different).

Worm bins are plastered all over the garden catalogs theses days, there was even one in my Lehman’s catalog the other day for just under $100.

The Hubby is none to thrilled about the concept, he was on board until I told him the worms would have to live in the house.  “What if they get out?’  I shook the catalog at him and said, “This thing is so awesome they would never want to leave!!”

I found this video on the GardenGirlTV site last night about making your own worm composter:

I love Patti’s site, it is full of ideas and video, for both beginners and people who have played in the dirt for years.

I am practicing my worm speech at work today:  I can make it myself!  They will eat 5lbs of food waste per week! It won’t stink!  It will make great fertilizer!

Wish me luck!


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