Retro is the new Radical

Radical HomemakersI downloaded this book on my kindle over the weekend and I started reading it last night after spending far too long making a header for the new website (check it out and let me know what you think).  I couldn’t put it down and stayed up far too late reading.  To be completely honest here that may have had something to do with the episode of Ghost Hunters that I had watched earlier and my over active imagination, but I digress, but the book is really good!

What really hit home was a in the beginning of the book”

“Unlike so many people my age (I’m thirty-five) basic, homemaking and self-reliance skills were part of my   childhood foundational knowledge.  My community and family practiced subsistence farm, food preservation, barter and frugal living as a matter of course.”

How true that is!  In my neck of the woods it is still “the matter of course” and is the way I was raised.

There is still a stigma attached to the homemaker, generally that she is a super-mom, micro-managing her families lives.  And it is only something that the rich can do, really who can live from one income.  That is the thing.  The more self-sufficient you are the less money you need to survive.  And if you really focus on the things that are important in life, and skip the fancy new clothes and the expensive restaurants, think of the money you would save.

Check out the NY Times about Shannon here and get the book!  What she is doing is something new, but our culture has changed so much that some of the skills that were common place years ago are crazy and radical now, in that way I find the title a little ironic (but I think that is the point).  I have just started and am already super excited about it!


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