FadedFarm’s Friday Finds

Things are pretty exciting these days:  I am working a new home for fadedfarm and meeting lots of new people, and then using those people to meet more cool people.  When we get father ahead in the program (we are just in our first week!) I am going to start to share my new-found friends with you, these women are doing some amazing things!

I have signed up for some amazing newsletters/e-courses in the last weeks and are loving them.  My inbox tends to be cluttered but I find myself digging through to find these email.  Here are some of my favs:

I am loving the Average to Awesome e-course by Lia at Mod Nest.  She gives great tips on finding pieces that you love and thinking outside of the box.

On a more personal reflection note:  I am loving the soul notes from Bridget Pilloud.  There was one last week about being broken, that really hit a cord with me.  Inner reflection is great for personal growth.

I am new to Abby Kerr’s Inklings and her e-course Creating a Truly Irresistible Niche, but anyone that says she can help you up your addictabilty factor it all right with me.

Also check out Tara Sophia Mohr’s Goal Guide.  Mindful tips on Playing Big and finding you bliss.

Have a great weekend everyone!!


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