FadedFarm’s Friday Finds

Happy Friday everyone!  The weekend is almost here!  Big things going on, we should be finishing our flooring project (we have been at it since mid Feb!) and a bittersweet party for a friend that is getting deployed . . . .

Here are some of my favs this week from around the web:

It is lambing and banjo time at Jenna’s.  There is so much going on at CAF that just reading the posts makes me exhausted.

There is a lot of buzz around Scoutie Girl about Heartsy.  Check out Tara’s thoughts.  I am also excited to about her Website Kick Start course that starts on April 11th.  FadedFarm is going to have a new home with Tara’s help.  I will keep you posted!

Amy at Progressive Pioneer as a tutorial about making your own butter.  There is something about making your own butter/cheese that really excites me, this may be the year I have to try it.

My new favorite blog is How About Orange.  Full of little craft projects, free downloads, and design ideas.

I am also loving Lia’s post at Mod Nest about Design Crime.  Sign up for her Average to Awesome e-course while you are there, I have gotten it for a couple of weeks now and am LOVIN’ IT.

I just peeked out the window and see snow on the ground, I guess Spring is the April Fool’s joke around here . . .   Have a great weekend everyone!


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