Farming Fabulously

The Bucolic PlagueI fell in love with Josh and Brent after reading The Bucolic Plague.  I downloaded it on my kindle on Friday morning, and finished by Saturday afternoon.  It is the story of two big city boys trying to make it in the country.  I really enjoy reading memoirs and this one is no different.  There is something uplifting about reading about other people’s trials and tribulations.  Maybe it is because you can see that others have the same types of problems that you have.  Maybe it makes you feel better about yourself.   Whatever the reason this book defiantly ranks high on the list of my favs.

The story is written by a very relatable Josh Kilmer-Purcell, a former drag-queen with a sarcastic tone.  A man after my own heart . . . .  He has a way of writing that makes you seem like old friends that are catching up on what has happened since he and his partner Brent Ridge purchased a farm in up-state New York.   

When I was young, my dad and grandpa’s used to bring home goats from the sales barn as pets for me and my sisters.  I have always imagined have a farm with goats and reading this book made me think, if these to big city boys can do it, so can I.  Thier website is fun and full of information and the second season of their show The Fabulous Beekman Boys starts on March 22nd on Planet Green.  I am setting my DVR as we speak!


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