a new look for an old table

I have had this nice round table for years, I got it out a friends parents shed.  It lived with me in a few apartments, but after a while I moved around a lot, in and out of my parents house, with different roommates, and in tiny apartments.  So the old girl sat for years in my dad’s shop.  When I moved in with the Hubby, the table made it to your storage room in the basement, and when we wanted a smaller table for our awkward kitchen we dug it out.

Trust me, It looked worse in person.  Along one whole side, mice chewed on the edge (while it was in Dad’s shop!) and while in our storage room a wet box got put on the top and ruined part of the finish.  As you can see part of the box remains on the table.  When I saw this post on the The Farm Chick’s site, I knew I had my answer.   We are working on our house a lot these days, putting in new flooring and painting, so I figured now was a good time to try it out.  I found some vinyl fabric on Fabric.com.  I was unsure how this would work on a round table, I stuck with a cheaper variety, some time these projects have a tendency to blow up in my face!

I started out but cutting out a length of fabric, laying it out upside down on the floor and then flipping the table on top

The weight of the table helps keep the fabric tight.  Then using a staple gun, I started but securing the fabric to the table.  The first ones went on opposite sides of the table, to keep it from slipping.   I had to tuck and fold the fabric a bit, because of the round table, but it was surprisingly easy.

Then I trimmed the excess fabric and flipped the table right side up.  Doesn’t it look great?  The Hubby was unsure of the polka dots, but I think they are growing on him.  It wipes up clean and when you get stick of it you can pull out the staples and get new fabric. 


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