first things first

Let me start off by saying that I am not the Susie Homemaker type.  You may find me in an apron baking cookies in my kitchen, I will have probably just dumped a bunch of flour on the floor and will be cussing, loudly, while trying to pull back my messy hair (and the only reason I am wearing an apron is so I have a place to wipe my hands other than my jeans).  I love to have a clean house and to putt around in my garden, but sometimes a sunny corner and good book appeal to me more.  And as much as I turn green with envy while flipping through BHG, I know that kind of perfection is not possible for most people, me especially.  And that type of perfection is all-consuming ( I was able to run up some nice credit card debit trying to find that perfection!)

When my husband I and first started talking about getting married and having a family we both wanted childhoods that were similar to the ones we had growing up.  We both grew up in the country and our lives were full of family, food, and . . . .  well, chores.  We grew up with a make-do, do-it-yourself attitude. We had what we need but we didn’t get to play Nintendo or watch MTV after school. And we didn’t eat unless the animals got to eat (I learned this first hand, just ask my dad).

My Mom is a huge inspiration to me.  My sisters and I had a wonderful childhood, it was far from perfect, but it shaped us into the people we are today. My mom passed away last July.  She was the backbone of my family.  I remember the glimmer in her eye when I told her I was going to get a sewing machine and wanted her to help get me started.  When my sisters and I were small she sewed a lot of our clothing and made prom dresses.   She told me to get the machine and learn how to thread it to let her know and then we could get started.  By the time that rolled around it was springtime, Mom was busy riding horses and I was in the midst of planning my wedding (which happened in October), so we put if off until winter and we never did get a chance.

I am going to share creative finds, tips, recipes and projects with a down-home, country feel, Coming to you live from small-town Minnesota.  All the while I am going to be teaching myself the crafty arts I never got to learn from my mom (I am trying to keep the make-do, do-it-yourself attitude of my childhood).   I am going to talk about the Hubby and mine’s dream of living in the country, my garden, and why I really, really want a worm composter.   I am getting back to my roots, it is going to be an adventure people!


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